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Bill Maher Hopes Trump Is Our Y2K

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Bill Maher Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for PETA

This deep into the trauma-inducting machine that is this election, you’d think late-night hosts would be scrambling for new insights — specifically insights into Donald “It Never Ends” Trump. Not so, it seems, since hosts from Seth Meyers to Sam Bee have made it their nightly and/or weekly mission to keep grinding down on the dude like they are a meat grinder and he’s some particularly tough, low-quality cut of beef (sorry for the visual). The latest late-night denizen to join the Pulverize Trump Squad is Bill Maher, who did so not on his show, Real Time, but in an almost hour-long set on Facebook Live, which unfortunately for him occurred opposite game seven of the World Series. In the live set, he excoriated Trump in myriad ways, but most memorably when he compared the Republican nominee for president to our collective Y2K panic in wish-fulfillment-y terms: “I hope when we look back on this, Trump is going to be like Y2K. Right? We thought it was gonna be a disaster. We shit our pants. But then it was a bunch of nothing.” We hope so, too, Bill. In the meantime, we’re going to keep stuffing this cash under our mattress and stocking up on all this water (it’s whiskey; we lied). See you on the other side.