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Billy Bob Thornton Wants to Tell You About the Joys of Watching My Little Pony

Photo: Getty Images, Discovery Family

Celebrities, they’re just like us. They’re in Southern rockabilly bands, they feel they were “never good enough” for Angelina Jolie, and they enjoy the simple pleasures of watching the animated children’s program My Little Pony.  In a recent profile with GQ, Billy Bob Thornton mused about the unexpected joys of watching the Pony franchise onscreen  so much so that he recently convinced his tween daughter to start watching an “updated” version of the show with him again. He’s particularly fond of a recent episodic arc that involves the various “cutie marks” of the ponies in Ponyville, where a pony named Starlight Glimmer creates a new village where everyone’s cutie mark is an equal sign:

“This was amazing because the Mane Six ponies, who are the stars of the show, they go out there because Celestia, who runs Equestria, she will tell Twilight Sparkle she needs to go somewhere, but she doesn’t tell her why,” he explains. “So anyway, suddenly they get captured by them and told that they have to remove their cutie marks and get equal signs. But they said, you know what? No. So Fluttershy, who is my favorite because she kind of talks like Marilyn Monroe, says, ‘Oh, yes.’ Fluttershy acts like she wants to become a member, you know?” Stay on the edge of your seat, people. “And so they give her the cutie-mark equal-sign stamp and everything. And then she notices something, like it rains, and it washes off Starlight Glimmer’s equal sign, and she’s got her own cutie mark,” he continues. “So she’s like a Jim Jones cult, you know, right?”

Right on, Billy Bob. Never be a poser!

Billy Bob Thornton Enjoys My Little Pony