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Black Mirror Is Releasing the ‘San Junipero’ Soundtrack to Lift You Up on a Wave of Love

Photo: Laurie Sparham/Netflix

The sweet pop tunes of Belinda Carlisle may have reminded you of the miracle of living, or at least the immortal digital simulacrum of the miracle of living, but the “San Junipero” soundtrack is so much more than her infamous “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.” Like the “Man Against Fire” episode before it, the ‘80s-infused soundtrack to Black Mirror season three’s “San Junipero” will be made available on December 2 for your enjoyment/silent, bittersweet tears. Scored by Clint Mansell, composer of Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream, the episode’s soundtrack will be the perfect background accompaniment to an eternity of happiness or pain or both or whatever you want to do with your fragile corporeal form this holiday season. You can check out the full track list below:

1. San Junipero (80s-90s-00s-??s)
2. Faith, Hope, Fear & Falling in Love
3. Tick Tock (Clock of My Heart)
4. Night Drive
5. Property of Tucker Systems
6. In Sickness, In Health
7. Life Eternal
8. Waves Crashing on Distant Shores of Time
9. Endless Summer
10. San Junipero (Saturday Night in the City of the Dead)

Black Mirror Releases ‘San Junipero’ Soundtrack