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Stranger Things Season Two Will Feature a Conspiracy Theorist Who Will Probably Turn Out to Be Right About Everything

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Netflix’s Stranger Things has a new recruit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor and comedian Brett Gelman will enter season two of the breakout show as Murray Bauman, a disgraced journalist who turns up in Hawkins, Indiana, to investigate a cold case. He’s also a conspiracy theorist, so Hawkins is either going to be utopia for Mr. Bauman, or it’s going to drive him totally insane. This is just the latest buzzy casting news for Gelman, as he’s set to appear in the Twin Peaks revival on Showtime, and was recently seen in the fantastic Fleabag on Amazon. He was also in the news this week for severing his relationship with Adult Swim. Gelman had starred in shows like Eaglehart and Brett Gelman’s Dinner in America for the programmer, but cited the company’s terrible track record with women as his reason for ending the business relationship. Stay woke, Brett.

Brett Gelman Cast in Stranger Things Season Two