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Carrie Fisher Says She Had an ‘Intense’ Affair With Harrison Ford on the Set of Star Wars

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher on Fifth Ave outside The Pla
Carrison? Photo: New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images

Carrie Fisher still knows how to get us all riled up. In her latest memoir, The Princess Diarist (available November 22), the actress revisited her old journals from when she was filming Star Wars, allowing her to recall the time in a decade far, far away when she had a three-month affair with co-star Harrison Ford. Radar has obtained a copy of the book and reports that Fisher writes that she was “wine sodden” the first time they had sex, which happened after he offered to drive her home. Fisher, who was 19 at the time, said that even though it wasn’t a great experience, “He was really handsome.” Not a lie!

“It was so intense,” Fisher told People. “It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend.” The Princess Diarist also includes samples from Fisher’s late-’70s diary entries, which reveal that, like your average teen, she would fantasize that Ford would ask her to marry him and give her a “gold band with diamonds (inscribed) Carrison.” Fisher writes that she couldn’t remember too many details about their relationship, though, because of “the brutal strength of Harrison’s preferred strain of pot.”

Despite all that pot, Fisher still has one or two stories to tell in People’s published excerpt. She recalls, for instance, the very good kisses: “In the taxi, Harrison pulled me back into the seat, moving us closer together until we were two faces, one kiss, going to the place where we would rehearse that kissing we would be doing a year and a half later in The Empire Strikes Back. Check out those kisses in Empire. They did not have to use special effects.” And Fisher also is careful to point out that things never got too serious, even if she and Ford joked about it.

Once, at Harrison’s apartment, Mark and [crew member] Peter dropped by. It was about eleven in the morning. Clearly I hadn’t just dropped by for brunch, as no scones or eggs were in evidence. Harrison took my hand and pronounced solemnly, “We’re engaged.” It was mocking the suggestion that there was anything going on; therefore, it couldn’t be true.

Elsewhere, Fisher describes her relationship with Ford as a “very long one-night stand,” saying that she was relieved when it ended, because she didn’t approve of herself. “Harrison is a decent — albeit complicated and frequently silent — guy,” she concludes. “He’s always been decent to me, and as far as I know the only time he cheated on any of his three wives was with me. And maybe he didn’t think that counted all that much because of how short I am.” Fisher adds that there’s still time for “Carrison to grow old together, but that gateway is steadily closing.” Ford is currently married to Calista Flockhart. He was 34 years old at the time of his affair with Fisher, and married to his first wife, Mary Marquardt, with whom he had two children. They divorced a few years later.

Carrie Fisher Says She Slept With Harrison Ford