2016 election

Chris Pine Is a Tantrum-Throwing Boss in Joss Whedon’s Latest Voting PSA

When members of Congress refuse to do their jobs because they don’t like the options presented to them, does it kind of make you feel like you’re watching a big, federally funded adult tantrum? Meet Leonard, a grown-up baby played by Chris Pine, who is also your worst boss ever and whose antics are oddly reminiscent of a certain dysfunctional reality star turned politician. The video is the latest from Joss Whedon’s Save the Day super-pac, which aims to motivate people to flex their constitutionally provided muscles by voting in the upcoming election. In addition to Pine, “Leonard” also features Whedon stalwart Alan Tudyk as your sensible, tormented middle manager trying to stage a democratic revolution and oust the do-nothing dictator boss.

Chris Pine Is a Tantrum-Throwing Boss in New PSA