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Conan O’Brien Tries to Find Some Post–Election Day Optimism in Taking the Long View

That gut-deep nausea you’ve been walking around with all day? Conan O’Brien is here to offer the very, very meager comfort that it’s nothing new. Speaking of the monumental divide between those delighted by Donald Trump’s win and those very, very not, O’Brien explained, “We have been here before,” citing numerous contentious elections of years past. And if that’s not enough to nudge your mood ever so slightly out of despondency, O’Brien also spoke of his gratitude for the very existence of free elections in the U.S. and the fact that we get to try again in four years. Of course, if his words don’t do much to lift the cloud, well, he didn’t have a lot of material to work with.

Conan O’Brien Tries to Find Some Optimism