Cosby Show Reruns Are Returning to Bounce Network ‘By Popular Demand’ Following a Ban

The Cosby Show
Photo: NBC/Getty Images

According Bounce TV, the people have spoken. And apparently, they’re less concerned with the abuse allegations against Bill Cosby than they are with being able to watch The Cosby Show reruns on Bounce TV.  A year after the Atlanta-based network joined the BET-owned Centric in removing Cosby Show reruns from the airwaves following more damning revelations in the sexual-assault case against the comedian, Bounce will resume airing reruns before the end of 2016. “You asked, and we heard you loud and clear, Bouncers,” the network tweeted. “We’re bringing back The Cosby Show by popular demand!” Reruns are slated to return to the network on December 19, which is good news if you were somebody who was upset that Hulu finally stopped streaming the show, and bad news if the “feel good” nature of the show now leaves you with less warm fuzzies and more cold dread.

Cosby Show Reruns Will Return to Bounce Network