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David Bowie’s Art Collection Auctions for $30 Million

Bowie Collector Evening Auction
Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Air Power,” on auction Photo: Michael Bowles/Getty Images for Sotheby’s

David Bowie was quite obviously a man of many talents. One of his lesser-known attributes might be his eye for a good piece of modern art. Well, the proof is in the auction (as they say), for today the late singer and performer’s collection of art pieces netted nearly $30 million at Sotheby’s in the U.K. This was about twice what was expected before the sale began. Per Billboard, the collection’s biggest attraction was a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat. (As you may recall, Bowie played the Andy Warhol to Jeffrey Wright’s Basquiat in the 1996 Julian Schnabel film, Basquiat.) That painting, entitled “Air Power,” netted almost $9 million, which is a very fitting tribute not to just one great artist we’ve lost, but two. The sale, which also featured furniture and other design items, continued today in London.

David Bowie’s Art Auctions for $30 Million