John Wick Director David Leitch to Helm Deadpool 2, So Expect a Lot of Gun-Fu

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A month after Tim Miller’s exit from the Deadpool 2 director’s chair the production has found his successor, and it seems like a pretty great fit. David Leitch, the director of the excellent action-party John Wick, will now take the helm of Deadpool 2. Considering that Deadpool is a rare screen comic hero who loves using all the guns, the man in charge of 2014’s Gun-fu smash has the potential to be an exciting union. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leitch got the green light a few days after he met with Ryan Reynolds to discuss the project, which means he has the direct seal of approval from the face of the franchise. THR also says that Fox is starting to get the wheels turning for Deadpool 3 as well, but that the studio will reportedly be going with yet another director for that third installment.

David Leitch Steps in to Direct Deadpool 2