mannequin challenge

We Invite You to Speculate Wildly About Why Destiny’s Child Reunited for the Mannequin Challenge

Well, look what we have here. For what feels like the hundredth time in a matter of days, Beyoncé has magically appeared in the most conspicuous of spaces. From Hillary Clinton’s rally, to backstage at SNL to support her lil’ sis, to Kelly Rowland’s son’s birthday party — she’s been on quite the move. Which is probably why, for a few seconds, she joined her former Destiny’s Child bandmates in total stillness. Yep, Bey, Kelly, and Michelle have acknowledged your latest weird viral craze and conquered the mannequin challenge, putting the rest of the internet to shame. (Except this cat.) But as with any and all Beyoncé-related things, the question must be posed: What does it all mean? Recently, Destiny’s Child joined Instagram, prompting the Hive to jump to the immediate conclusion that something big must be brewing for the group’s 20th anniversary next year. The evidence was thin then; now we know their paths have once again crossed! And even if it turns out to be nothing, we’ll always have this glorious frozen moment.

Destiny’s Child Reunited for Mannequin Challenge