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The Person Who Wrote a Mean Tweet About Dolly Parton Should Be Ashamed

Jimmy Kimmel Live aired a very special Country Music Awards edition of Mean Tweets last night, and whoever wrote that Dolly Parton hooker tweet should be ashamed of themselves. Dolly Parton has literally been saying she looks like a hooker for over 50 years. She owns “Dolly Parton looks like a hooker” jokes. And if Dolly Parton did run a hooker convention, it would be the best hooker convention on the planet. Everyone would be scrambling to get a ticket to Dolly Parton’s hooker convention. Someone who looks down their nose at the idea of a Dolly Parton hooker convention has wildly misunderstood the widespread cultural appeal of both Dolly Parton, hookers, and, to a lesser degree, conventions. That tweet about Bonnie Raitt: That feels true, though.

Who Would Write a Mean Tweet About Dolly Parton?