Donald Trump Doesn’t Know How to Say ‘Beyoncé’

While Hillary Clinton basks in the love of Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Adele, and other icons, Donald Trump has been relegated to praising Ted Nugent and decrying the “bad language” of Jay Z. During one of his rants against America’s favorite power couple at a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Republican nominee mispronounced Beyoncé’s name as “Be-on-see,” which seems like a bad move if you’re a candidate hoping to grab any of that elusive millennial vote. Also, Destiny’s Child might have had an ulterior motive when they sang “Say My Name.” In case you’re not convinced that Trump and his camp might be out of the cultural loop, this video became popular shortly after a story circulated about a supporter complaining about a violent Jay Z music video where the rapper threw a “Mazel tov cocktail.” Though that guy mixed up his expressions, we know some people who are thankful that they now know their celebratory drink order should another candidate win Tuesday night’s election.

Watch: Donald Trump Can’t Pronounce ‘Beyoncé’