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Proud Hufflepuff Eddie Redmayne Bumblingly Defends His Hogwarts House

Eddie Redmayne, a Burberry sweater that an absentminded fairy charmed into human form, who stars in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, wants you to know that he’s a Hufflepuff, just like so many of the rest of us. That’s according to the fun little video above, in which Redmayne puts on his best awkward grin and tells you all about why Hufflepuffs are pretty great. Still, we have cause to believe that this is all part of some Slytherin plot. After all, Redmayne received a posh education from Eton and then Cambridge. (Slytherin!) He won an Oscar fairly early in his career. (Slytherin!) He may, in fact, be a space villain in disguise. (Slytherin!!!!) Why Eddie would put up such an unassuming disguise is beyond us, but be on guard!

Eddie Redmayne Defends Hufflepuffs