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Ellen Slowly, Painstakingly Gets Warren Beatty to Admit He Was Into Her: ‘You Wanted Me’

You didn’t make out with Garry Shandling in the ‘90s and not catch Warren Beatty’s eye. You just didn’t. It takes almost seven minutes of TV time, but Ellen successfully forces a very embarrassed, extremely awkward Warren Beatty to admit he was once interested in her, going so far as to chat up their mutual friend Shandling after the pair shared a romantic scene, all the while totally oblivious to the fact that Ellen is a lesbian. Fortunately for the Rules Don’t Apply director, he was already seeing now-wife Annette Bening at the time. Otherwise, this story could have been 14 minutes long and Beatty would have just passed out by the end of it.

Ellen and Warren Beatty Discuss His Crush on Her