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Have Mercy! An Elvis Presley Documentary Is Coming to HBO

Photo: Getty Images

This fall, Hollywood is feeling a (hunk, a hunk of) burning love for Elvis Presley. Just over a month after the Weinstein Company announced a ten-part biographical series about Elvis, Deadline reports there is also a three-hour, two-part documentary in the works for HBO. Thom Zimny, who has directed various Bruce Springsteen docs and video projects, is taking his experience working for The Boss to bring The King’s life to the small screen. The films will cover Presley’s entire life and will feature 20 original interviews with people who knew and worked with the rock-and-roll icon. The filmmakers have the permission of the Elvis Presley estate, which means they have access to the archives and grounds in Graceland, and rarely seen footage and photographs from private collections. There is currently no release date for the film, but below you’ll find a friendly reminder of “Elvis the Pelvis’” dance moves.

An Elvis Presley Documentary Is Coming to HBO