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The Empire State Building Is a 32-Story Election Tracker Tonight

Photo: CNN

Tonight, New Yorkers get their very own Hunger Games–esque projections. But, thankfully, the announcements lighting up the skyline are less grim — fingers crossed. CNN, Instagram, and CA Technologies have come together to turn the south side of the Empire State Building into a live election ticker with election results, maps, campaign photos, animations, and social-media mosaics collected on the CNN Politics #MyVote tour. If you’ve tagged an Instagram post with #MyVote, it could be among the night’s projections, which will also appear at the Newseum in Washington, and on the Miracle Mile in Las Vegas.

The final image across the 32-story tracker will be that of the 45th president of the United States. Here’s hoping the announcement doesn’t recall dead tributes and canon fire.

The Empire State Is a 32-Story Election Tracker