George R.R. Martin Thinks No One in His Lifetime Has Been More Unfit for the Presidency Than Donald Trump

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GRRM is feeling grim. Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Game of Thrones scribe George R.R. Martin is rumored to be done with a draft for his long-awaited installment The Winds of Winter, which means he can take a much-needed respite to weigh in on our own national nightmare, the presidential election. GRRM took to his favorite medium, LiveJournal, to make “A Simple Observation” about presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, based on the political ads they’re running in New Mexico, the state where he currently resides. “The Trump commercials are all fairly standard political attack ads,” Martin writes, calling it “Attack Ad 101.” “They are made of assertion, innuendo, and name-calling, but there’s no substance to them.” On the other hand, Clinton’s are “much more truthful”:

Clinton’s ads are something else. Very different, and — to my mind — much more truthful. The star of all the Clinton ads is Donald J. Trump. There are no deliberately unflattering photographs, however. Nothing in black and white. Just video clips, full color, professional footage from news cameras at his rallies, interviews, television appearances. There’s no name-calling either. Clinton doesn’t need to label Trump as “crooked” or “a liar” or link him with “perverts.” Clinton’s ads just show Trump being Trump.

So what we have here is not Smith claiming that Jones said terrible things. What we have is actual footage of Jones saying and doing those things. No one has to accuse Trump of anything, he has laid it all out there in public for the world to see.

Martin then goes on to list the litany of things Trump has said and done including mocking a disabled reporter, boasting about sexual assault, wanting to ban Muslims from the U.S., and endorsing increased nuclear proliferation. “In my lifetime, there has never been a presidential candidate more unfit to lead this nation,” he writes.

And perhaps befitting the man who thought up the Red Wedding, he ends on a dour note: “He has boasted that he could shoot someone dead on Fifth Avenue and still not lose any votes. I am beginning to think he was right.”

You can read the entire post on his LiveJournal.

George R.R. Martin Weighs In on Trump & Clinton