George Takei Doesn’t Want You to Unfriend Your Trump-Supporter Friends on Facebook

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Photo: Noam Galai/WireImage/Getty Images

As you might expect, the 79-year-old actor George Takei made a call for optimism in the wake of Trump’s election. In an op-ed for the Daily Beast, the actor asked for people to summon their best selves and engage in civil discourse despite the recent spike in hate crimes. “There is an understandable impulse to disengage, to ‘unfriend’ others on social media who disagree, to demonize whole groups as irredeemable racists and sexists. This may gain some momentary satisfaction, but with all its fury it solves nothing in the end. It certainly does not bring us closer to the promise of our country,” Takei writes. “Our answer must not be to shut them out as uncaring or bigoted, but to address their concerns, to win back their trust by restoring their hopes, to not turn our backs but to open our hearts. And to do so when all of our instincts cry out simply to cut them out — that is the measure of true commitment.You heard Sulu: Stay classy out there, folks.

George Takei Doesn’t Want You To Unfriend People