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Gilmore Girls’ Christopher Is Stars Hollow’s Representation of Existential Dread

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Not being #TeamLuke is basically Stars Hollow sacrilege, but the gruff diner owner wasn’t Lorelai’s only on-again-off-again love interest on Gilmore Girls. Rory’s dad, Christopher, played by David Sutcliffe, was always on hand for an illicit romp with the middle Gilmore girl, and at the beginning of season seven, it looked like he’d won her heart for good. Until, of course, it was clear that he hadn’t.

“That was a hard season for me personally to act because I was constantly in a state of discomfort and uncertainty, and ultimately I knew there was no way they were going to get together in the end. It didn’t make any sense to me, right? So I knew that bomb was coming,” Sutcliffe told Vulture at the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiere in Los Angeles. So how did that bomb affect Christopher, now that he’s spent a decade without Lorelai? “I think he’s settled into who he is and accepted the reality of life. And I mean, I think that’s what happens to us all, right? You settle in and you go, Okay, this is what life is and I’ve gotta embrace it,” Sutcliffe said. Who knew Christopher was Stars Hollow’s representation of existential dread? “My feeling is with Christopher, there’s still a lot of sadness in him; there will always be a sadness in his heart,” he continued. “I think the relationship that’s unresolved, obviously with Lorelai and particularly with his daughter, there’s just some level of connection that they were never fully able to make, and that’s always going to be painful for him and probably for her, too.”

Gilmore Girls’ Christopher Will Always Be Sad