The Girl on the Train’s Paula Hawkins Sets Release of a New Book Hollywood Will Definitely Change for American Audiences

The Build Series Presents Paula Hawkins And Tate Taylor Discussing The New Film
Photo: Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Paula Hawkins may have outgrown thrillers with “Girl” in the title, but she still loves herself some prepositions. The British author, who published The Girl on the Train in 2015, has announced the release of her next novel, Into the Water, which will hit stores on May 2 next year. Into the Water centers on family secrets and the “slipperiness of truth” in a riverside town in the south of England. “When a single mother and a teenage girl each turn up dead at the bottom of a river, just weeks apart,” the description reads, “the ensuing investigation dredges up a complicated history.” Somewhere, a studio exec is typing “gloomiest American rivers” into Google in advance of the inevitable American adaptation.

Girl on the Train’s Paula Hawkins Has a New Book