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James Corden Plants the Seed for a Green Day Musical About Donald Trump Because How Else Would You Get His Attention?

Green Day is no fan of Donald Trump. If that wasn’t obvious before, it should be crystal clear now following their AMAs performance, during which they chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” without even tripping up a censor. As they explained to James Corden on the Late Late Show on Tuesday, the whole protest was thought up on the spot. They borrowed the line from the band Millions of Dead Cops and hoped it would be a “good start to challenging [Trump] on all of his ignorant policies and racism.” But why stop there? See, the odds that Trump was watching the AMAs are slim given his lack of tweets about it, but Corden has a far better idea for how to reach him: Broadway! Yes, that unsafe space our president-elect has been watching closely could do with a bit more Green Day and, thanks to Corden, the inevitable Trump musical the band was clearly born to write already has an appropriately apocalyptic name. Just cast Corden as Trump and now we’re talking.

Just Imagine a Green Day Musical About Trump