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Here Are All the Jokes Workaholics Is Retiring, and You Should Too

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Best Workaholics cast ever Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

When the gang from Workaholics hang up their ties after their seventh season this year, they will be laying to rest not only a very successful and long-running sitcom but also a massive list of joke-based clichés that their writers have continually retired since season two. On Friday, an executive producer on the hit Comedy Central show posted a pair of photos to Twitter of two whiteboards chock-full of the kind of jokes that you probably make all the time with your friends. Well, pour one out (which is not on there! Ha-ha! Success!) because now you have to adjust your self-referential, jokey vocabulary accordingly.

This may mean you’ll have to actually learn how to talk to your friends instead of communicating in a cavalcade of bits and jabs. So the next time your friend says, “Trump presidency? More like Chump presidency!” resist the urge to say “Too soon,” or “#NailedIt!” and instead say, “I agree, my friend. Let us no longer speak of this.” The Workaholics rules must be followed, after all; you don’t get seven seasons by not following rules. Still, how great would it be if the entire series ended with everyone saying, “We’ll show ourselves out” and walking into a bright light?

Here Are the Jokes Workaholics Is Retiring