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Here’s a Suicide Squad Blooper Reel, If You Like

Whether or not you’re a fan of this year’s DC Extended Universe film Suicide Squad (or its recently released extended cut), you may find some joy in the film’s official blooper reel. In it, we get to know a panoply of on-set quirks native to the film’s biggest stars: Viola Davis is fond of the word “shit,” for instance; Margot Robbie wants to hit stuff with bats (“I don’t get to do anything in this scene,” she laments quietly); and Will Smith, when stuck, will ad-lib some silly garbage words (example: “When you’re nice to people, they turn into giant fire skeletons for you”). And then, of course, there’s Jared Leto, whose one major moment herein is him looking to camera and saying, “Hi mom.” And, since we know he was method-acting, we must assume he was talking to the Joker’s mom. Enjoy, Squad fans. And bless you, Will Smith. (Spoiler: He’s a sneezer.)

Update, November 26: The official video has been taken off YouTube. Vulture will update the post whenever it becomes available again.