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These Breaking BadThe Walking Dead Shared-Universe Theories Are Sure to Make You Go ‘Huh’

Things have been pretty grim on The Walking Dead lately, so to lighten the load, how about some wildly speculative fan theories? Netflix put a host of them together in a neat video that makes the case for a The Walking Dead–Breaking Bad shared universe. Now if you’re thinking, Hm, that seems nebulously plausible in a difficult-to-disprove sense but also not that likely in a hard-to-affirmatively-prove sense, you’d be about right. The evidence hinges on some pretty distinctive Blue Sky Meth, a red Dodge, Jesse Pinkman’s memorable vernacular, and Gus Fring … ending up a zombie? Well, sure, it’s easy enough to have fan theories coming out the wazoo before the actual truth has been revealed, but you try piecing stuff together after the fact! Now, if Breaking Bad is indeed life before The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse, then that means that Breaking Bad is The Walking Dead’s Better Call Saul, which, whoa. Uncover your pushpin-covered conspiracy cork board, and watch above.

Here’s a Wild Breaking BadWalking Dead Theory