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Ryan Reynolds Kisses Conan O’Brien for a Very Long While in The Notebook 2, Maybe Forgets Which Ryan He Is

Everybody knows that Ryan Reynolds’s one true love in this life — his partner, his lover, his best friend is Deadpool. But red-blooded, all-American male that he is, Reynolds was bound to have a piece on the side, and now we know that piece to be The Notebook 2, starring Reynolds and TV’s Conan O’Brien. The pair debuted a clip from the sequel on Wednesday’s Conan, and rather than being a sequel in the regular sequel sense, it seems to be a shot-by-shot re-creation of the original film, only with different actors who have a very different chemistry. Basically the “joke” here seems to be that Reynolds and O’Brien making out is funny, but, on the other hand, the kiss goes on for so long that it actually becomes kind of compelling. Hey, maybe Deadpool is teaching Ryan Reynolds a thing or two about fluid sexuality.

Here’s Ryan Reynolds & Conan O’Brien Making Out