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PolitiFact Is Here to Clarify That Trump’s Crowds Are More Like a Phish Concert Than a Beyoncé Show

Photo: Getty Images

Donald Trump’s ego may be enormous, but his crowds apparently aren’t quite as large. Despite claiming he pulls in “far bigger crowds” than Beyoncé and Jay Z, who both recently campaigned for his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, Trump actually attracts a following similar in size to that of the band Phish. According to the fact-checking organization PolitiFact, Bey and Jay typically drew 45,700 fans to each stop on their 2014 On the Run joint tour, while Trump rallies average around 27,000 supporters. “Based on the latest Billboard numbers, Trump draws crowds similar to Phish,” PolitiFact declared. Only one of those groups, however, is known for its rad hacky-sack circles.

How Trump’s Crowds Are Like Phish Concerts