Idina Menzel Proudly Stands With Hamilton Following Mike Pence Incident

2016 American Music Awards - Show
Photo: WireImage

There are plenty who may be threatening to boycott Hamilton in the aftermath of Vice-President-elect Mike Pence’s visit to the show this weekend. To those people, Broadway darling Idina Menzel has just a few brief words. While presenting at the American Music Awards on Sunday, she and Donald Trump hater Mark Cuban took brief turns making digs at the White House’s newest leaders. Cuban said he couldn’t wait to not be invited to the inauguration, while Menzel said what’s likely on every theater nerd’s mind at the present time: “Us unsafe, scary theater people probably wouldn’t be invited to the inauguration either. I love you, Hamilton!” And, oh, Idina, how we love you.

Idina Menzel Says She Stands With Hamilton