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Jim Parsons Will Play a BuzzFeed Editor in Brother Orange Movie

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Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images

When BuzzFeed makes its jump into full-length feature films, it’s sticking with a subject it knows well: the greatness — and viral storytelling capacity — of BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed and Warner Bros.’s Brother Orange, which will chronicle the real-life story of an editor who tracked down his stolen iPhone in China, has cast Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons in the starring role. Parsons will play editor Matt Stopera, who discovered his stolen iPhone ended up in China after selfies of a man in front of an orange tree appeared on his cloud-shared photostream. A heart-warming, viral tale of international friendship ensued after Stopera’s blog post about the incident gained popularity in China, resulting in Stopera organizing a trip to China to meet the man in the photos, Li Hongjun. Now they’re pals and their friendship is getting the Hollywood treatment, because the internet demands it.

Jim Parsons Will Play a BuzzFeed Editor