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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman Get Awkward Again

We all already know that Jimmy Fallon blew his chance to date Nicole Kidman once before, but did you know it happened twice? It did, and apparently the second time was not only again not memorable to Mr. Fallon, it also took place at a dinner party buffet at director David Fincher’s house. When, exactly, is a mystery, but as Ms. Kidman notes, “Brad and Jen were still together, so this was a long time ago.” Awkward! Almost as awkward as these two talking, ever. Also, if you’re going to do a bit with an elite actress, make sure she loves the song “Dreamweaver.” But again, more important: Once more, Jimmy Fallon failed to get Nicole Kidman’s number, even alone in a kitchen, and once more, he remembers nothing. That’s okay, though: Kidman found her own dreamweaver in Tonight Show special guest Keith Urban (who, based on an obvious pattern of behavior, is not worried about leaving his wife alone with a certain late-night talk-show host).