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Jimmy Kimmel and Bono Assembled A-lister Supergroup to Sing for AIDS Awareness

For the second year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Bono have teamed up to raise money for AIDS treatment and prevention, and this time they brought the (RED) Pack, a.k.a. Neil Patrick Harris, Julia Roberts, Kristen Bell,  DJ Khaled, Channing Tatum, Halsey, and the Killers. The newly formed supergroup of actors and musicians sang “We’re Going to Hell,” a number that explains if you’re not trying to help people with AIDS then you won’t be going to the good place (coincidentally the name of Bell’s new show on NBC). Watch the video above, if only for NPH and Tatum’s mad tap-dancing skills — and also to remember there are people who need your help this coming holiday season, and we should all be more giving, even without dancing celebrities.

Kimmel & Bono Assembled an A-lister Supergroup