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Jimmy Kimmel, Local Monster, Told His Daughter He Ate Her Halloween Candy

One of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s signature — albeit seasonal — bits is when he crowdsources video of parents pretending to have eaten all of their kids’ Halloween candy. Well, this year Mr. Kimmel (Mr. Monster, more like) finally had a beautiful, innocent daughter of his own whom he could torture with this usually pretty funny but still awful and innocence-smashing bit. His daughter was still a little too young to get it, repeatedly saying “No,” and denying Kimmel’s claim that he did indeed eat all her candy, but Local Monster Jimmy Kimmel would not be deterred until she finally, strategically, asked him to make her pancakes. Let’s hope Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter remembers this unnecessary trauma come Father’s Day 2017.

Jimmy Kimmel, Monster, Denies Own Child Candy