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John Mayer Just Announced New Music

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In a week of never-ending surprises, next up we have the return of John Mayer to the music-making fold. Mayer announced the release of a new project, “Love on the Weekend,” on Instagram today. It’s unclear if “Love on the Weekend” is just a new single or something else, but we’ll find out when the effort materializes on November 17. Mayer’s kept pretty quiet since 2014, when he covered “XO” and generally said a bunch of stuff that made us wish he’d keep quiet. In addition to the release date, Mayer teased a bit of a guitar sample on his Instagram story. The caveat? Mayer doesn’t appear in the flesh in the snippet, so you’re just going to have to imagine those unearthly guitar-god faces he makes.

John Mayer Will Release New Music Next Week