John Oliver Calls for Action After Trump’s Election Win: ‘Keep Reminding Yourself This Is Not Normal’

The season finale of Last Week Tonight aired on HBO last night, and thankfully the network uploaded the entire episode on YouTube. Oliver spends the episode reflecting on Donald Trump’s presidential win and how it happened (“It turns out hindsight, much like the year we’re all now desperately looking forward to, is 2020”) and what we can do now to make a difference, like make donations to organizations like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and support good journalism like The Washington Post and The New York Times.

“The point is, if we don’t get actively involved to at least mitigate Trump’s damage, things will not be okay. And yes, the sun will rise each day, but the continuing rotation of the Earth should not be your baseline expectation of American society,” Oliver says. “Keep reminding yourself this is not normal. Write it on a Post-It note and stick it on your refrigerator. Hire a skywriter once a month. Tattoo it on your ass. Because a Klan-backed misogynist internet troll is going to be delivering the next State of the Union address, and that is not normal – it is fucked up.” Stick around until the very end, where Oliver closes out the season by giving 2016 exactly the amount of respect and celebration it deserves.

John Oliver Calls for Action After Trump’s Election […]