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John Oliver Is Really Sorry He Urged Donald Trump to Run for President

Yes, even John Oliver has orange on his hands. The Last Week Tonight host, who last October said that he “couldn’t give less of a shit” about Trump and the election, has something terrible to admit: Even he urged Donald Trump to run for president, because he thought it would be entertaining. Three years ago, when the floppy-haired British commentator was subbing in for Jon Stewart at The Daily Show, news broke that Trump was considering a presidential bid. “Do it!” Oliver joked at the time. “I will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country, which does not want you to be president, but badly wants you to run.” Not even someone as smart as John Oliver is a good prognosticator for the future, which means you have to vote on Tuesday! Do it!

John Oliver Is Sorry He Told Donald Trump to Run