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John Oliver Wants You to Remember That Trump ‘Is Not Normal’

During the last episode of Last Week Tonight’s third season, John Oliver dedicated the half-hour to President-elect Donald Trump and saying, “Fuck you” to 2016. Oliver, who has been a vocal opponent to Trump’s political ambitions for a while, felt it was his duty to call out the media for not doing enough to communicate the reality of a Trump presidency. He asked viewers who were worried about particular issues — women’s health, LGBT rights, protecting the environment — to give money to advocacy groups and nonprofits helping these causes. He also requested that everyone do their part to remember that Donald Trump’s views are “not normal.” Unlike other seasons, which ended with a big celebration, this year’s concluded with Oliver blowing up the craptastic year that has given us numerous celebrity deaths, an escalating Syrian refugee crisis, and a campaign cycle that brought the nation to levels way below rock bottom. HBO has made the full episode available on YouTube, and you can watch it all above.

John Oliver Tells Viewers Trump ‘Is Not Normal’