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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Joined Forces Once Again on The Late Show to Convince You to Vote

Jon Stewart may have left The Daily Show, but he wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to go on live television and bash Donald Trump on Election Day Eve. During Monday night’s Late Show, host Stephen Colbert and Stewart channeled their former Comedy Central gigs with a musical extravaganza explaining both why you should vote and why that ballot shouldn’t go to “that angry tax- and draft-dodging little orange groundhog.” They had plenty of help from a little street urchin and star of a certain Broadway musical you may heard of, though the segment’s MVP was one refreshing glass of water Stewart kept taking mighty full sips from, before shocking revelations. Watch the video above and remember: Don’t be like the street urchin who is clearly too young to vote — your mother’s “kitty-cat meow,” and democracy, is depending on it.

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Want You to Vote