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Jon Voight Thinks Those Troubled by Trump’s Win Should ‘Calm Down’

Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

For those of you struggling with the reality of Donald Trump as our president-elect, Jon Voight has some words of, well, not comfort, per se: “Calm down.” Voight, who voiced his support for Trump during the Republican primaries, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about feeling “deeply pleased by the election.” For the less pleased among us, Voight is understanding but not quite sympathetic, as he says he’s been through and gotten over similar pain before. “To those people who are heartsick, I felt the same way when Mitt Romney lost. Just calm down, let not your heart be troubled, this man is going to be a wonderful president,” he insisted. “Take it easy. I feel for you because I’ve been there, too. But we’re gonna work through this because we’re all Americans, and it’s gonna be a good time, these next four years.” Sure, sure. Sure sure sure sure sure. Sure. Feeling better?

Jon Voight Wants Trump Opponents to ‘Calm Down’