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Judge Orders New Evidence Testing in Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery Case

Making a Murderer
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As Brendan Dassey had his murder conviction overturned only for his release from prison to be upheld, his uncle and fellow Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery is also seeing some movement in his own appeal. Both Avery and Dassey were convicted of the same crime, the 2005 murder of Teresa Hallbach. Now, according to The Wrap, a judge has ordered new testing of the evidence used to convict Avery. The ruling follows a motion filed in August that sought testing said not to exist during the time of Avery’s original trial. The evidence in question reportedly predominantly comes from Halbach’s vehicle and includes blood flakes from the floor of the vehicle, bloodstains from the driver’s and passenger’s seats, a swab from the car’s ignition area, and a bloodstain swab from the rear passenger door. Avery’s attorney Kathleen Zellner shared Avery’s reaction to the news, tweeting: “Judge just entered order for scientific testing to proceed. Steven Avery says ‘it will be a Happy Thanksgiving after all.’ #MakingAMurderer.”

Judge Orders Evidence Tests in Steven Avery Case