beliebers gone wild

Justin Bieber Punched a Handsy Fan in the Face in Barcelona

Photo: JENS ASTRUP/AFP/Getty Images

Justin Bieber punched a man in the face on his way to a concert tonight in Barcelona after that man repeatedly reached into the Biebs’s car window and tried to touch his face. (And you guessed it! TMZ has a video of the incident.) This is the most aggressive move from the pop star who has become increasingly combative with fans: Back in May, Bieber declared a moratorium on fan photos, saying they made him feel like “a zoo animal,” and in October he asked an arena to cut the screaming, because it was “just so obnoxious.” A few days after that, Bieber exited the stage when the Beliebers, once again, failed to heed his pleas to quiet down. It sounds like a good time for the Biebs to take five on a private island somewhere soon. Maybe he can ask Kanye to come with.

Justin Bieber Punched a Handsy Fan in the Face