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Kelly Bishop Wasn’t Amused by Gilmore Girls’ Famous Last 4 Words

Gilmore Girls
Never disappoint Emily Gilmore. Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

One of the big selling points of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino gets to end the series by using her famous last four words. Sherman-Palladino often discussed her plans for the end of the show while it was airing on broadcast TV, but since she departed before the show’s final season on broadcast, the final four words were never used. During the production of the Netflix revival, the words were left off the script, the implication being that they might break hearts, move continents, or even realign the Earth on a new axis. Emily Gilmore herself, however, wasn’t awed at all. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Kelly Bishop, who plays the Gilmore matriarch, revealed that, if the last four words are anything like what she was told on set, they are nothing to look forward to:

Bishop says the four words were kept top-secret, with the end of the script merely saying, “And then the last four words are said.” She doesn’t consider herself a particularly nosy person, so she went most of the shoot without bothering ask about them. When she finally did ask someone, they told her, and she said, “Oh.”

“If it’s true, this is a really lousy thing to say, if it’s really true that those are the last four words then my reaction is, ‘Eh,’” she shrugs. “That’s it.”

Can contractions count as as two words? Because now there’s a case to be made that the final four words are just “Eh, that’s it.”

Kelly Bishop Wasn’t Into Gilmore’s Last 4 Words