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Lady Gaga Will Headline Hillary Clinton’s Final Rally Tonight

Lady Gaga Promotes New Album 'Joanne' - Photo Call
Joanne’s #withher Photo: Jun Sato/WireImage

Saddle up, Joanne’s coming for your votes: Lady Gaga will headline Hillary Clinton’s final Get Out the Vote rally before the big day. She’s set to take the stage in Raleigh, North Carolina, tonight, corralling the masses just hours after Bruce Springsteen will do the same for Hil in Philadelphia. As previously announced, Jon Bon Jovi, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and DJ Samantha Ronson will all be part of the show, which is set to kick off at 11:45 p.m. and last into the wee hours at the start of Election Day. Lady Gaga has already put Melania Trump on notice and is prepared to arrive to the polls in high style; she now asks that you join her (and every other celebrity ever) in standing #WithHer. Here, look, she even had a mini sit-in on her front lawn for political inspiration.

Lady Gaga to Headline Final Clinton Rally