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Vulture’s Own Matt Zoller Seitz Visits Late Night to Declare The Simpsons Greatest Show of All Time

How are you going to be a sommelier if you keep insisting on drinking Franzia? In this case, wine is television and boxed wine is the reruns of Reba you watch to fall asleep when you could be expanding your TV palate. Vulture’s own Matt Zoller Seitz and HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall visited Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to discuss their new work TV (The Book), in which they rank the 100 best television shows of all time. Surely you’ve already seen The Simpsons, which Seitz and Sepinwall ranked as No. 1, but what if watching Deadwood completely changes your understanding of what TV can be? What can you learn about character from Atlanta? And most importantly, how will you know if you just keep putting Friends on every night? You’ve already seen every episode! And you know they’re all amazing!

NYMag’s Matt Zoller Seitz Talks TV on Late Night