‘Late Night’ Writer Amber Ruffin Has a Message for Disappointed White Voters: ‘Join the Fun!’

Here’s a great clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers welcomes writer Amber Ruffin to deliver a very special message for white Hillary Clinton supporters who are still in shock from Donald Trump’s election win: “That feeling you’re feeling right now? Black people have been feeling this way forever! Join the fun! Wooo!” All fun aside, though, Ruffin closes out what starts as a silly bit with probably the best late night response to the election so far:

The thought of someone believing you deserve fewer rights because of who you are is depressing. But then you realize that, by doing what you do every day, you prove to them you are unstoppable. They can spend their time trying to pass laws to take away your rights and silence your voice, but all you have to do is live your lives right in their faces, and it proves we simply cannot be stopped.
‘Late Night’ Writer Amber Ruffin Has a Message for […]