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Late Night’s Amber Ruffin Tells White People Feeling Disenchanted With White People That They Are Late to the Party

White people are responsible for the election of Donald Trump, a fact that has left other white people feeling ashamed of, disappointed in, and disillusioned with their creed. To that end, Late Night writer Amber Ruffin has one mantra: Join. The. Fun. Wondering how to coexist with Trump supporters? Wondering how to deal with not knowing who in your midst holds hateful views? Wondering how things got this bleak? You are very, very late to the party, but there is still time to Join. The. Fun. Talking with host Seth Meyers, Ruffin also turned an incisive comedy bit into a moving glimpse at a way forward: “They can spend their time trying to pass laws to take away your rights and silence your voice, but all you have to do is live your lives right in their faces, and it proves that we simply cannot be stopped.” It’s Amber’s party, and we’ll get a little misty-eyed if we want to.

Late Night’s Amber on Disappointed White People