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Please Enjoy This New Drunk History Clip of Lin-Manuel Miranda Sloppily Narrating Hamilton’s Life

Who needs a $600 orchestra seat to Hamilton when you can watch a drunk Lin-Manuel Miranda ramble on about the ten-dollar Founding Father for free? In clips from the Miranda-narrated Drunk History episode — which stars Alia Shawkat as Hamilton, Aubrey Plaza as Aaron Burr, and Tony Hale as James Monroe — the Hamilton maestro drops some historically accurate gems such as “Fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, Aaron Burr, nice to meet you, I’m gonna go to another college to graduate me faster” and “The Reynolds Pamphlet is like Dick 101.” A new clip about that early political sex scandal is above, while a look at Hamilton’s younger days lies below, so stock up on Doritos and call your old American History professor. The full episode will air on November 29.

Watch a New Clip from Lin-Manuel’s Drunk History