Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Rock’s Mockumentary for Millennials: The Musical

Realizing that one incredibly hyped Disney movie wasn’t enough to contain their talent, Moana’s Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson decided to use all that spare time they have to produce a musical of great importance — Millennials: The Musical. In the “making of” video released on the Rock’s YouTube page, viewers get to see how this musical came together from the Twitter pitch (“I love pitches under 140 characters”) to the showmance between stars that possibly ruined the play before opening night. “There are very few things in this world like bringing to life the story of a marginalized group of people, like millennials,” Johnson explained. Look out for the final product next week, and in the meantime, watch the mockumentary above and learn what emojis best describe the Rock. [Insert arm-flexing emoji, obviously.]

Lin-Manuel and the Rock Tease Millennial Musical