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Lionsgate to Develop Step Up 6 for China, Piquing Our Interest in at Least a Dozen International Versions of Step Up

Great news, citizens of Earth. Deadline announced today that Lionsgate is partnering with Chinese producers to develop Step Up 6. Not an American movie filmed in China, but a Chinese-language movie with an entirely Chinese cast, directed by actor, choreographer, and stunt coordinator Ron Yuan. According to Variety, the third, fourth, and fifth installments of Step Up cleaned house at Asian box offices, and the Chinese sequel is promising “spectacular dancing and a story line that combines dance with martial arts.” Can you imagine a global community not turned asunder by religious differences or land wars, but one united by the power of dance? Picture a post-language utopia in which we transcend verbal exchanges and sort out our problems through dramatic aerial moves and step battles. Consider Step Up: Mumbai; Step Up: Djibouti; Step Up: Jakarta; Step Up: Reykjavík. The possibilities are only as limited as the atlas.

Don’t forget, we’ve seen the good Step Up has done at home. The $600-million franchise brought Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan together 12 years ago and they’re still going strong. Lionsgate is also developing a Step Up series on YouTube Red and even a live event at a theme park in Dubai. Step Up is basically on its way to replacing French as the language of diplomacy. When you’re feeling down about the world, just try and focus on the positive. Oceans may separate us, but maybe we can dream of a future in which we are all watching Step Up at the same time, because everyone in the world likes to see people do cool things like this.

Lionsgate Developing Step Up 6 for China