an outtake by any other name

Listen to a Very Hamilton-y Outtake From Moana

Disney’s Moana Photo: Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

As Disney’s Moana continues to make a splash in theaters, we the public will be increasingly compelled to hear new music courtesy of Lin-Manuel Miranda. And since it seems we cannot let LMM do anything without us hearing or knowing about it, the official, deluxe soundtrack to Moana features a cut track that you should listen to, particularly if you are a fan of Hamilton. The song “Unstoppable,” which details the hardscrabble yet legendary backstory of a founding father — sorry, we mean Hawaiian deity — sounds familiar not just in content but in cadence. As the New York Times points out, the track has a distinct “Alexander Hamilton” vibe, albeit with different subject matter (the rise of the god Maui). Take a listen to what Disney is calling an “outtake,” even though outtakes are usually, you know, underproduced clunkers and not pretty-solid, fully formed tracks. But hey, this is Lin-Manuel we’re talking about, so maybe his outtakes are another man’s totally release-worthy material.