A Live-Action Neko Atsume Movie Will Dramatize the Existential Despair That Motivates All Cat Collecting

Cats, untroubled by the larger questions of the universe. Photo: Hit-Point

The narratively oblique iPhone sensation Neko Atsume, a game which revolves around the user’s quest to get cats to visit their backyard, is getting a film adaptation that sounds a lot less calming than its inspiration. Titled Neko Atsume no Ie (House of Neko Atsume in English), the live-action adaptation will center on author Katsu Sakumoto, who retreats to the countryside to cure his writer’s block. One day, a cat appears and the poor lonely author makes an attempt to speak with it, but the cat walks away. Later, the cat returns to eats all the food Katsu left out for it, and so, the author launches on a quest to get it to return — and to fill his life with the purpose he so desperately craves. Consider this to be as close to an adaptation of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle as we’re ever going to get, and pray they keep the original game’s soundtrack.

The Live-Action Neko Atsume Movie Sounds Sad